Meet Mary Tudor Artist
Mary Tudor American Artist, talks about her life. From being taught how to paint at an early age by her grandmother to working in Kennedy’s Peace Corps, this autobiography gives a fascinating insight into the experiences that have shaped and moulded Mary as an artist.
Expermental Drawing and Painting Classes
Seattle artist Mary Tutor’s art classes are attended by all types of people. Artists, professionals, retired folks from all walks of life find her an amazing and inspiring teacher. She is a bit of a legend and a secret that many successful people in the Seattle area have tapped into.

Mary Tudor American Artist, describes the materials and methods that she uses in her oil paintings, including a unique wax mixture she has created.
Mary Tudor American Artist, talks about her work and its role in her life. 
Mary Tudor American Artist, talks about her studio located in Georgetown, just 3 miles south of Seattle in the Historic Original Rainier Brewery, a place that has been her base for the last 20 years.