What Others are Saying

Collectors and Gallery Owners:

“Mary’s work deals with the quality of light, both reflected and that which comes from within: the latter corresponds to one’s spirit.”

“Her paintings illumine what we suspect about the essence of the world. . . they are about healing and joy.”

“The visual clarity of these paintings function both on a personal and universal level.”

“Mary’s Tudor’s work is painted with the third eye.”

“These paintings are most definitely museum quality.”

“Mary’s paintings are metaphors for the natural world. Her sense of color and texture captures each theme eloquently.”

Mary’s Students:

Mary Tudor —

. . . ‘has changed my life’

. . . ‘taught me to be bold’

. . . ‘opened up new worlds for me to peer into’

. . . ‘is a true original’

. . . ‘pulls life and all of its great dimensions right through her brush’

. . . ‘transcends the mind’s eye and presents it on canvas’

. . . ‘is a wonderful influence, a true seer’

. . . ‘truly feels, hears and understands the art of expression and life’

. . . ‘helps students to unlock the mysteries of their identities’

. . . ‘has added so much to my life with artistic and philosophical inspiration’

. . . ‘has made me and everyone she has in her classes all the richer’

. . . ‘will always be a part of my heart‘